Parent Resources

Tutor Time is passionate about children's growth, development and achievements. We are proud to partner with educationally minded families who share these goals. We appreciate and understand the rapid pace of today's world and work to ease the stress that modern families face. That is why we have gathered resources to help families stay involved and to provide parents with additional information and tips regarding a variety of parenting and family issues.

Tutor Time vs. Daycare

Daycare just can't compare to Tutor Time. We have spend years researching and developing our exclusive Tutor Time LifeSmart curriculum, that engages children in all the ways that they are smart. Ordinary child care centers just can't provide the same kind of rich environment that Tutor Time does. And they can't provide preschool preparation they get from us.

Day care may keep children amused for a time, but at Tutor Time, we work to develop skills your child will need to thrive and succeed. We begin with motor skills at the infant level and allow children to progress at their own pace, all the way to kindergarten preparedness. And, our focus on smart play helps children learn to love learning. There's proof-an independent research study has shown that children at Tutor Time learn more, faster than their peers in typical daycare. So, if you're looking for the best place for your child, don't look for a babysitter. Look for the Tutor Time near you.